Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exceptions: Yang’s Fry Dumpling 小杨生煎館 (Shanghai)

Yang's Fry Dumplings
I am a germaphobe. I constantly bleach my kitchen and bathroom, avoid touching elevator buttons, doorknobs and handrails and use hand sanitizer a few times a day! In fact for this trip, I bought 4 bottles of hand sanitizer and 4 bags of antibacterial wipes - one for my mom, dad, aunt and me. We were armed and protected from germs. Scared of contracting the swine flu and other illness that would stop me on my China adventure, I did not touch my eye, nose or mouth unless I had coated my hands with antibacterial, but for one thing I would make an exception – Yang’s Fry Dumpling (sheng jian bao)

After lunch at Jia Jia Tong Bao, I couldn’t resist trying Yang’s Fry-Dumpling. I had traveled across the Pacific Ocean and Yang’s Fry-Dumpling was right in front of me, serving fresh Sheng Jian Bao right out of the biggest round frying pan I have ever seen. Sheng Jian Bao are soup dumplings, but not steamed like it’s Jia Jia neighbor’s. I ordered one tray of Sheng Jian Bao for 4.5 Yuan then waited in line for 15 minutes while I watched the chefs prepare my dumplings.
Making Sheng Jian Bao The Menu at Yang's Fry Dumplings
Sheng Jian Bao- Fried to a crispy, golden brown with sprinkles of green onion and sesame. I took a box of 4 to go meet my parents, but I couldn’t resist opening the box while I walked. I awkwardly took a bite while the soup burst out and dripped down my hand. The skin was thick, but crispy. The soup was well-seasoned and flavorful. In fact, it was so good that I licked my hands with out washing or hand sanitizing them first! Gasp! For the next time (Bite a small hole, suck out the juice to enjoy the juicy goodness)
sheng jian bao from Yang's Fry Dumpling
Well, I’m still alive. Some times you need to make exceptions, like eating a 2nd lunch right after you finish a tray of steamed dumplings or savoring every bite even if it means licking your hands.
Yang’s Fry Dumpling
97 Huanghe Road

Yang’s Fry Dumpling
54-60 Wujiang Rd


  1. Hey VA,

    Great post! Still cant believe Yang's Fried Dumpling has some much juices within! Had to clean my face after the first bite, EVEN AFTER being warned!

    Happy Travels Everyone!



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